Fully automated


Unlike conventional means of BigBag (FIBC) discharging that involve a high level of operator interface with the bag, the spout and, ultimately, the product, the SoliValve® Cone Valve virtually eliminates all operator/bag interactions.

There are no spouts to untie (or cut), no tie boxes filled with product or manual valves to activate. Both the unsealing and sealing of a bulk bag with the Cone Valve system is achieved automatically with full containment at the push of a button.

By avoiding to do all these operation manually, our system not only allows you to save on running costs, but as well allows your employees to work in a safer environment.

SoliValve® being dust-tight, the operators won't be exposed to potential harmful powders and at the same time the integrity of the product is protected during the transfer.

Learn more about hygiene and safety or check the other saving advantages of the SoliValve®.

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