Passive-SoliValve® assemblies are available for basically any type
of flexible and rigid container or recipient available on the market.


SoliValve® is the most versatile powder transfer system available on the market.

Why? With SoliValve® Cone Valve Systems, powder can be filled and discharged into and out of all commonly used recipients in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry thanks to the accomodation of low cost universal passive valves to these recipients. SoliValve® allows to use FIBC and Rigid IBC (containers, drums, bags etc.) with the same docking unit and without having to change or adapt anything.

Different executions of the Passive-SoliValve® can be fitted to any type of FIBC (even standard BigBags with spout), RIBC, Drums, PE-inliners, pouches and bags.

For even more versatility, the SoliValve® technology is now available in two dimensions:
250mm and 100mm (nominal diameter) in order to accomodate with any type and size of bag or recipient commonly used in the powder industry.

The SoliValve®250 is used for bigger bulk powder recipient like BigBags (FIBC), IBCs and Drums from approx. 25 to 1500kg.

The SoliValve®100, our newly developed system, is used for pouches, FFS-bags, charge bags, process bottles and small drums from 1 to ~25kg.