IBCs fitted with Passive-Solivalve®250 ready for discharging

Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container (RIBC)

Passive-Solivalve®250 mounted onto an IBC
SoliValve® was initially developed as a solution for FIBC (Big Bags) but many customers required the same solution for Rigid IBCs, in order to benefit from the numerous advantages of the SoliValve® technology with existing or new rigid IBCs.

Passive-SoliValve® executions are available for any type of Rigid IBC (Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container) equipped with a standard DN250 Tri-Clamp or flange inlet/outlet interface.

This standard interface is suitable for any type of powder (free-flowing to very cohesive/bridging) and flow capacity (up to several tonnes per hour) thanks to the integrated fluidisation feature available on any type of Passive-SoliValve® and controlled via the tight connection to the Active-SoliValve® docking unit.

Filling of RIBCs.... The same Passive-SoliValve® can be used for filling if mounted on the inlet of the Rigid IBC or if the IBC has been turned upside down. Thanks to its clever principle, the Passive-SoliValve® is clamped at all time and does not need holding device. The Active-SoliValve® for filling is a replica of the discharging unit, saving the need for having different spare parts and specific training.

In comparison with competing systems, there is a big cost saving potential by using the SoliValve® technology. There is no need to pay the premium price of a proprietary IBC execution. Our customers can select local IBC suppliers/manufacturers of their choice and only need to make sure that the container is equipped with a DN250 outlet or inlet ferrule.

Visval can provide the ferrule as well or the detailed specification for manufacturing and welding to the IBC hopper/inlet upon request.

The Passive-SoliValve® for Intermediate Bulk Containers is available in an FDA, an anti-static and a conductive (SS316 or PE1000) versions to comply will all the hygiene and safety rules from the food, pharma and chemical industries.

Additional hygiene and safety covers are available for all applications where the Passive-SoliValve® needs protection from contamination or for external transportation of dangerous goods.

Please contact us for more information about the different versions available.

Passive-Solivalve®250 in stainless steel to be fitted onto a rigid IBC, Drum or Big bag outlet spout

The Passive-SoliValve® for RIBC is available in several execution to cover all the needs from different production environements (FDA, EU1935/2004, ATEX, Conductive, Antistatic etc).