1 January 1970

OEB 4+

For our Active-SoliValve®250 system

An external certifying body has been mandated for a SMEPAC test with lactose (200 Mesh IP Lactose Monohydrate, particle content with a size of < 32µm approx. 40%). Visval is proud to confirm that Active-SoliValve®250HC meets OEB4. Actually, out of all measurements, one only record was measured between 10 and 1µg/m³ and the measuring probe was located in the environment, not in proximity of the equipment. Hence the title OEB4+.
Please contact us for more information and how to upgrade current SoliValve®250.

Passive-SoliValve®250  and Active-SoliValve®250

Schematic diagram of the measurement results


Occupational Exposure Band

Occupational Exposure Band