2 Solivalve®100 dosing unit mounted on an automatic cart.

SoliValve® systems

What is the SoliValve® system?

Learn what is SoliValve®, what problems it solves and for what application it is used.

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Benefits vs other systems

Discover key Benefits of the SoliValve® Cone Valve technology in comparison with other technologies.

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Visval products

With two sizes, SoliValve® is basically suitable for all types of mobile containers and recipients (rigid and flexible) available and used within all powder handling industries.

Active-SoliValve®250 discharging/dosing unit


The SoliValve®250 is dedicated to FIBCs, IBCs and drums from ~50kg to 2000kg.
Diameter of the cone valve: 250mm

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this picture show an Active-SoliValve 100 Dosing unit


The SoliValve®100 is dedicated to pouches, charge bags, process bottles and containers from <1kg to ~500kg.
Diameter of the cone valve: 100mm

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