SoliValve® is the prime solution for powder transfer where the integrity and the containment of the product as well as the protection of the employees and environment are crucial. Visval and its partners are present in all the major food, pharmaceutical, chemical and related industries.

The SoliValve® technology covers all the requirements in term of powder transfer for these markets.

pharmaceutical powder
The production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Secondary Pharma Products requires high containment, throughout cleanability and validated functionality which are fully provided by the proven SoliValve® technology. It is a revolution in the industry which has previously protected the operators from exposure to be able to contain dust at its source.


Automation, hygiene and flexibility are the main drivers for all food and additive manufacturers to improve and streamline their existing production installations and for new ones in emerging markets. SoliValve® technology has been chosen by leading food corporations for their global expansion and by indigeneous companies to strengthen their competitiveness.

Food & Additives


Raw materials and fine chemicals are transported and handled world-wide in big-bags (bulk bags, super sacks, FIBCs, etc.) which require manual operator intervention for filling and discharging. The proven SoliValve® technology provides fully automatic and contained functionality for these operations. It increases safety, speed and ergonomics.