About Visval

Visval AG was founded in 2005 by Jean-M. Cuennet in Düdingen, Switzerland.

With more than 20 years of experience with international packaging and powder handling industries, he decided to start a new company together with a team of skilled engineers in order to develop and market the patented SoliValve® Technology.

This new technology responded to very clear needs and requests from the global powder handling industries for a cost effective and universal docking system capable of working with any type of container and recipient available on the market and providing high levels of containment, automation and dosing accuracy.

In 2017, after about 3 years of intense development and thorough testing, a brand new SoliValve®100 (a smaller version of the initial SoliValve®250) was released to the market at the Interpack and Powtech exhibitions and immediately the first systems were sold to leading food and pharmaceutical companies.

The SoliValve®100 is especially designed for handling and dosing micro- and minor ingredients like food additives, APIs and other chemicals with any type of flexible bag or rigid container and providing the highest levels of containment, automation and dosing accuracy.

Visval is based in Düdingen Switzerland and most of our suppliers (including for plastic injection of the passive valves) are in a radius of 50 km from our office and workshop. Thanks to this proximity, we are not only able to react very quickly to any type and size of project, but also to maintain a close and personal relationship with all our suppliers. This way, we can guarantee customer satisfaction and maintain the worldwide renowned Swiss Made quality standards.