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Chemical Industry

Raw chemical materials and fine chemicals are transported and handeld world-wide in big-bags (bulk bags, super sacks, etc.) that require manual operator intervention for filling and discharging.


Your goals

  • Protect your employees against potentially harmful dust during the discharging and filling of recipient such as containers, big bags and drums.
  • Automate the discharge process in order to reduce the manual operations.
  • Discharge difficult flowing products from containers and BigBags.

How we can help you

  • Provides an outstanding level of containment (up to OEB 5 with the SoliValve®100). No toxic dust cloud inhaled by your operators.
  • Provide an automatic docking, discharging & dosing system that reduce drastically manual operations.
  • Compared to a butterfly valve or a standard Cone Valve system, the SoliValve® with its integrated internal vibrator & fluidisation function allows to discharge even the most difficult flowing powders.

Our experience in the Chemical Industry with SoliValve® system

  • Catalyst production
  • Liner production
  • Metal powders
  • Battery production
  • Ceramics

Any questions?

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