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Automation, hygiene and flexibility are the main driver for all food and
additive manufacturer to improve and streamline their existing production
installations and to install new ones in emerging markets.

Micro dosing for Infant Formulation with 1g dosing accuracy


The SoliValve®250 system is used worldwide since 15 years by the biggest food companies. From one way FIBCs to containers, the versatility of the SoliValve® allows easy implementation in food plants. At any time, the production can switch from Big Bags to Containers without any modifications on the SoliValve® docking stations.

The new SoliValve®100, on the market since the beginning of 2017, opens a new age in terms of containment and dosing ability and accuracy. It allows users to avoid expensive and labor/maintenance intensive isolators, glove-boxes etc. and provides an automatic system instead, with the same level of containment.

The new SoliValve®100 is mainly thought to be used for Active- and Micro-Ingredients, either in pouches from 1 to 25kg or any other rigid or flexible container.

Some example of production done with the SoliValve®250 system:

  • Infant Formula (China, India, Switzerland)
  • Milk Powder (DE, CH, CN, IN, DK)
  • Coffee (Indonesia, Switzerland)
  • Instant drinks (Thailand)
  • Spices (South-America)
  • Lactose (Germany, etc.)
  • Dairy and soft drinks (Poland, Russia)
  • Pectin, Citric acids (Germany)
  • Cereals (Switzerland)