Containment solutions

Thanks to its high level of containment, the SoliValve® system not only protects your product from contamination, but it also protects your operators from exposure to potential hazardous powders during the filling and discharging of FIBCs and IBCs.



Safety for your products and your operators

The SoliValve® technology minimises dust emissions during filling/discharging and protects your operators from toxic dust exposure.

Dust free

Atex certificate for Active SOliValve

ATEX zones reevaluation with SoliValve®

When working in explosive atmosphere (ATEX or EX zones), SoliValve® offers a big advantage in terms of safety for your operators.

ATEX certification

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Avoid risk of cross contamination

An efficient Cleaning in Place (CIP) unit allows rapid and easy cleaning of the Active-SoliValve® unit, in order to avoid any risk of cross contamination when working with different products.

Cleaning in place


What is containment?

Containment is the formation of a barrier between the product within the manufacturing process and the operator located in the operating environment.

Why containment is important?

Containment solutions are used to protect the integrity of the product and at the same times the operators.


Applications | Where containment is applied?

Hygiene and Safety are key points in all food, pharma and chemical industries.
The SoliValve® system will help you to reach the highest standards.


Food and additive