Dosing accuracy

In combination with the dedicated control software and dosing algorithm, the SoliValve® technology allows very accurate and repeatable dosing as well as controllable discharge speed.

Thanks to a ball screw drive system positioning the Cone Valve accurately according to the stage of the dosing sequence, dosing is achieved at high speed (large opening during coarse flow) and at high accuracy (low opening during fine phase), helped by a very efficient high frequency vibrator.


User friendly operation

With a user friendly Touch Panel interface, different discharge parameters (or recipes) can be created and selected for each product, depending on their flowability, desired dosing accuracy and speed.


Dosing parameters for each powder

The dosing algorithm has adjustable parameters to allow the operator to reach his dosing accuracy and speed for each powder. The in-flight weight value is taken in account when the SoliValve® is closing in order to achieve maximum efficiency.


Trace your production

All dosing can be saved on an SD card in the Siemens CPU and easily exported in an Excel sheet, Data exchange can also be collected either directly from the USB connection of the Panel or through the Network. This to ensure full traceability of the production.


Load cells & scales

In order to benefit from the dosing capability of the SoliValve®, the system needs either to be mounted on load cells or used together with a floor scale. Dosing with SoliValve® works both in loss in weight and gain in weight, depending on how the system is configured. The dosing accuracy depends on the load cells (or scale) resolution and powder flowability.


Advantages of the SoliValve® versus other dosing systems

One of the major advantage of the SoliValve® system in comparison with other Cone Valves, Split Butterfly Valve, Iris valves and dosing screw competitors is its metering and dosing capabilities.

Standard Cone Valve and Split Butterfly Valves don't allow precision dosing due to their size and their execution. They have to be combined with another dosing system for better accuracy.

Dosing screws offer good results however the accuracy and range is limited by the size of the "chamber", defined by the pitch and the diameter of the screw.

The SoliValve® does not have these restrictions thanks to its "variable geometry". The cone opening increments is 0.1 mm for the SoliValve®100 and 1 mm for the SoliValve®250. With this very fine control, the same SoliValve® can cover a wide range of batch sizes.


Test trial recommended

These are typical values. A test trial with your powders in our workshop is recommended in order to validate the accuracy.

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SoliValve® Products

Active-SoliValve®250 discharging/dosing unit


The dosing accuracy of the SoliValve®250 reaches values of +/- 20g.

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this picture show an Active-SoliValve 100 Dosing unit


The dosing accuracy of the SoliValve®100 reaches outstanding values of +/- 1g!

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