Ingredient formulation for premixes

In most industries using powders, product differentiation is generated by the proportion of the components into the mixed product. Whether dispensing is done manually or automatically, there will always be a need to blend at least two ingredients to create a new product. Formulation has always been the Achille heel of processing plants, it requires high involvement (of capital equipment or labor) for a fraction of the total weight handled in the plant. But it is so crucial to operate in a repeatable/reliable way to deliver quality products to their customers that the industry continues to look for new and innovative solutions in this domain.

It is only with deep understanding of the plant requirements, that a formulation installation shall be designed. Typical information required comprises: number of batches per shift/day when process is in batch - tonnage per day in continuous manufacturing, number of ingredients per recipe and their weighment range, incompatibility of ingredients, operator exposure level, type of packaging of the raw material intake, zoning etc.

We invite you to contact us to discuss the specifics of your application in details to how the SoliValve® will benefit to your project.

You will find here below various systems that have been built by Visval or by Visval partners and system integrators to give you a flavor of configuration and typical capabilities.


Applications with SoliValve® system


Automatic formulation for an infant formula plant

With batches size ranging from 0,16 to 150 kg and a dosing precision of 1%, this completely automatic dosing line is the state of the art in terms of automatic formulation.

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Automatic formulation for animal feed mill

this industry typically uses screw feeder for metering the various material. SoliValve® has completely changed the approach for this project.

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Single ingredient dosing (infant formula plant)

Sometimes introducing one single ingredient in a recipe can have significant impact on the chosen dosing technology.

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Automatic formulation with SoliValve 100