Automatic Formulation Infant Nutrition Plant

This system was designed with the reduction of premix volume purchased every year as well as gaining stronger IP and flexibility on the recipes produced. Raw materials are grouped in families: minerals and vitamins.

Each material has a dedicated point of use: a sack tip station with its own dust collection unit and an integrated storage hopper. Bar coding will ensure material traceability and will prevent handling errors when tipping bags of raw materials.

Each storage hopper is fitted with a Passive-SoliValve®. A movable cart is equipped with one or two Active-SoliValve® and travel underneath all the storage hoppers. Once positioned under the selected raw material, the Active SoliValve® is automatically raised to dock to the Passive-SoliValve®. Material weighment is carried out according to the target weight. Below 10Kg, ingredient is weighed in a 25 L hopper located on a digital weigh platform with a reading accuracy of 1g for a 1% accuracy on weighments starting from 160g. for weights above 10kg, the 90 to 95% of the material will be directly transferred into the collecting hopper below the weigh hopper and the final 5-10% will be accurately weighed in the weigh hopper before being discharged in the collecting hopper. Dosing time will be approx. 2 to 5 minutes for weight from 160g to 150 kg.

Once the batch is collected, it is discharged in a receiving hopper that will pneumatically transfer the powder to a wet mixer.


  • Fully automatic and traceable formulation system
  • Extremely large range of weighments with the same dosing equipment: the SoliValve®
  • Super clean processing plant due to the high containment capabilities of the alpha beta coupling system between Active and Passive-SoliValve®
  • Vertical dosing system negating the risk of degradation/contamination of product typically induced by horizontal screw feeder systems