Benefits of the SoliValve® versus other powder transfer systems

Powder handling industries usually rely on conventional technologies like split butterfly valves, dosing screws and old cone valve systems. However these have limitations in functionality and performance.

The SoliValve® system, optimum solution available for gravimetric powder discharging, is the perfect answer to traditional compromises. It combines automatic docking, contained discharging, acccurate dosing capabilities and is not dependent on one type of container. The Passive-SoliValve® can be accomodated to almost any type of rigid or flexible recipient.

Split Butterfly Valves cannot discharge difficult flowing powder as they are "passive" discharge systems. They cannot achieve accurate dosing and are very sensitive to mechanical abuse given their highly mechanical construction. Old Cone Valve systems are not fully tight and generate powder spillage when moving the IBC, the infamous "ring of death" as known in the industry.

Dosing screws offer good and repeatable accuracy but are limited by the size of the "chamber", defined by the pitch and the diameter of the screw. It means that a dosing screw is usually ideal only for a defined range of weight and speed. For large weighing range, 2 or more sizes of screws would be needed. Furthermore, the dosing screw is not a containment device and its cleaning is a complicated task as the screw must be dismounted to gain acces to the auger.

The SoliValve® controls its opening to an accuracy of 1mm (0.1mm for the SoliValve® 100), allowing high dosing accuracies for a wide weighing range, from few hundred grams to over 1'000kg.

The SoliValve®250 is designed to be used with IBCs, FIBCs and drums from 25 up to 1'500kg.

The SoliValve®100 is designed to be used for active ingredients, vitamins and highly potent API's. These types of powders are usually stored in smaller size recipients, from <1kg to 50kg. Some applications see the SoliValve®100 being used on larger IBCs/hopper and big bags up to 1000 Litres.


Key Benefits of the SoliValve® Cone Valve technology:

  • Controlled discharge and filling of poor and free flowing powders
  • Accurate / repeatable dosing directly from any FIBC or IBC with Passive-SoliValve®
  • Fluidisation function to prevent bridging and segregation of powder
  • Partial discharging and undocking of IBCs, FIBCs and drums
  • Removal of partially emptied/filled Big Bag and IBC without residual powder or dust
  • Fail-safe shut off of material
  • Available in a filling version as well, allowing customers to operate all their powder handling processes using one standardized docking system for all their mobile powder storage vessels
  • No requirement for proprietary IBC
  • 2 sizes cone valves: 250mm and 100mm.

SoliValve® is the answer to the limitations of all conventional docking systems currently available on the market. It is designed to be used with IBCs, FIBCs, drums and pouches from <1kg up to 1'500kg.