Solivalve®250 on its supporting frame with self-centering system for IBCs.

What is the SoliValve® system?

The SoliValve® is an automatic and dust-tight Cone Valve system allowing gravity filling, discharging and dosing of powders directly from/to any type of Big-Bag, container, drum or pouch.

The Cone Valve principle consists in a combination of an active unit that will feed a process and a passive unit that is fitted onto a recipient to discharge into the process. You can check the principle of operation with an animation here.

This picture explains how the solivalve® cone valve system works.

Typical application where SoliValve® is used

The SoliValve® system is typically used to feed mixers, mills, packaging machines, reactors & process tanks from IBC, BigBags, drums & pouches. It can also be used in a filling version to fill containers & FIBCs.


A Cone Valve 2.0 technology

Based on the well known Cone Valve principle, the SoliValve® system goes several steps further.

The SoliValve® technology allows to fill, dose or discharge powders dust-free from FIBCs, Rigid IBCs, drums and bags via the same docking unit, thanks to the universal Passive-SoliValve® design and execution.

It is the only technology on the market allowing this.


Swiss Made by powder industry specialists

Swiss Made, the SoliValve® system has been developed by a team working in the bulk powder industry for decades.

It was designed and implemented based on their extensive knowledge of all the requirements in these industries and the difficulties related to the traditional powder handling systems available on the market.

Their extensive knowledge of the flaws of traditional discharge and dosing systems were a key points during the development of the SoliValve® in order to offer new solutions.


SoliValve®250 working principle video


Key Benefits


Fully automated

The SoliValve® system is fully automated. No manual operations are needed anymore to connect/disconnect the recipient. Partial discharging of IBCs and FIBCs is possible at any time and is dust-tight.

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High containment = dust tight transfer

One of the biggest advantage of this system is its containment. The SoliValve® ensure dust tight powder transfer. A SMEPAC test with Lactose was conducted by an independent labor on the SoliValve®100 and gave an OEB 5 value (<1 ug/m3).

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Precise and repeatable dosing

Thanks to a state of the art dosing algorithm, a millimetre accurate positioning of the opening and an internal high frequency vibrator, the SoliValve® allows very precise and repeatable dosing. A dosing precision of 1% (even 0.5% with SoliValve®100) can be achieved depending on the scale resolution.

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Thanks to the smart Passive-SoliValve® design available in many executions, the SoliValve® system is compatible with the majority of recipients from Rigid IBC, FIBC to drums.

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Is SoliValve® for you?

If you are challenged by one of the following questions, SoliValve® might be the solution for you:

  • I need to transfer powder dust-free from an FIBC or a container into a process (mixer, mill, packaging machine, reactor, ...)
  • I need a fully automated system to reduce manual operations and reduce my OPEX costs.
  • I need a powder transfer system capable of partial discharging of FIBC and RIBC.
  • I need a system that allows accurate and repeatable batch dosing.
  • I want to replace my expensive Rigid IBCs with cheap FIBCs.
  • I want to replace my glovebox with a user friendlier solution as well as to reduce my OPEX costs.
  • I need a powder discharging system that allows me to control the flow to feed a for a packaging machine.
  • I need a system that can be cleaned in place (CIP) easily.

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Fluidisation feature

The SoliValve® is the only Cone Valve system equipped with the patented Fluidisation feature that allows to blow air or nitrogen inside the recipient to help discharge difficult flowing powder, break bridges and avoid segregation.

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Cost efficient

The Passive-SoliValve® being made of injected polymer, it is very cost efficient, and allows single usage of FIBC instead of expensive RIBC.

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