Typical issues of the powder industry solved

Powder bridging, segregation and ratholing can be overcome thanks to the patented fluidisation function that will blow air or nitrogen directly inside the IBC/FIBC through the Passive-SoliValve®.


Fluidisation function unique on the market

One of the unique feature of the SoliValve® technology is the fluidisation function. Through a patented system, air or nitrogen can be blown inside the Big Bag or the container in order to break bridges and allowing to discharge even very difficult powders without segregation and with basically no residual product inside the bags or containers at the end of the discharging sequence. The fluidisation can be activated manually on the touch panel or programmed to be activated according to a specfic cycle.

The fluidisation function can also be used to inflate the FIBC before filling to shape the bag and optimise filling volume.

This patented fluidisation function is unique on the market and can only be featured on the SoliValve® system.


Advantages of the SoliValve®

  • Fluidisation to promote flow and avoid blockages
  • Bridge breaker to avoid bridges and ratholes
  • Discharge powder without segregation
  • Head load control
  • Minimized residues in the container

Test trials on request

If you want to test the discharging/dosing capacity of the SoliValve® feel free to contact us for more information.

Visval offers to customers from all over the world a fully comprehensive test lab to conduct discharge & dosing tests. Upon request, we can deliver the SoliValve® to your site in order to conduct the tests. We believe that there is no better way to convince a customer than when he can see the system working from his own eyes.

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