Active-Solivalve®100 side view with self-centering system


The SoliValve®100 is the latest Cone Valve development from Visval, available on the market since 2017.

Base on our extensive knowledge in the Cone Valve technology, we developed a smaller version of the SoliValve® with a cone diameter of 100mm with the same goals in mind. To answer the limitations of all conventional docking systems currently available on the market.

The SoliValve®100 is a new age in powder transfer industry. It allows to transfer and dose powder under the best containment conditions. A SMEPAC test conducted by an independent laboratory has rated the SoliValve®100 suitable to operate within OEB 5. No other similar system on the market has such a containment.

Thanks to its unique design, the Passive-SoliValve®100 can be fitted to almost any type of bags, pouches, drums even to Big Bags. It can also be fitted to static or mobile hoppers.


SoliValve®100 demo

Active-Solivalve®100 open with full strock

SoliValve®100 in open state

Active-Solivalve®100 side view with self-centering system
SoliValve®100 Discharging and dosing unit

Active-Solivalve®100 with step motor removed

Quick coupling system for step motor & pneumatic connections


SoliValve®100 applications