Overcome powder bridging problems with integrated fluidisation function


Overcome powder bridging problems with the integrated fluidisation

A well know problem in the powder industry is the powder bridging (also known as powder arching). Standard discharge devices like butterfly or slide valves are especially prone to these type of problem often resulting in operators hammering the IBCs in order to get the powder out. This action not only damaged the bins on the long run, but can cause other problems like segregation the powder even more.

The Cone Valve system, with its cone rising and vibrating inside the IBC/FIBC offers already much better results. With difficult flowing powder, it still requires external vibrators to be placed on the IBCs.

The SoliValve® is the only Cone Valve system on the market with an integrated fluidisation function. Through a patented system, air or nitrogen can be blown inside the BigBag or the container in a controlled manner in order to break powder bridges and allowing to discharge even very difficult powders without segregation and with basically no residual product inside the bags or containers at the end of the discharging sequence.

The fluidisation function can also be used to inflate the FIBC before the filling in order to fill it faster.

This patented fluidisation function is unique on the market and can only be found on the SoliValve® system. It is available for all our passive valves, for all type of recipients.

If you are experiencing powder bridging problems, feel free to contact us in order to organize test trials with your powder in our test center.