Close look up of a powder container docked onto an Active SoliValve for a pharmaceutical application.
What is containment and why is it important?

Containment is the formation of a barrier between the product within the manufacturing process and the employees located in the operating environment. Containment solutions are used to protect the integrity of the product and at the same times the operators. Containment solutions become more and more required in many fields like pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.
Isolating the product and the process has the advantage that the operators doesn't have to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

The SoliValve® technology allows high containment powder transfer and dosing to fully protect at the same time your operators and you products.

The newly developed SoliValve®100 goes even one step further than its big brother in term of containment.

Based on SMEPAC tests carried by an independent institute, it was confirmed that SoliValve®100 is suitable for OEB-5 containment level.

Glove boxes and single use containment systems require a lot of manual work and produce and significant amount of waiste. The new fully automatic SoliValve®100 system has been developed to offer a more cost efficient solution, both in terms of equipment and man working hours.

Some advantages of the SoliValve system:

-cheap one way passive valve that can be accommodated to almost any type of pouch
-single use and disposable pouch with passive valve
-safe handling of dangerous products
-cleaning in place (CIP) system for the Active-SoliValve
-high dosing accuracy (up to 0.5% depending on the scale resolution)
-can be use for discharging and for filling powder
-for all type of powder applications, even difficult or free flowing powder

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