Drums (Stainless- & Mild-Steel, Plastic and Fibers)

Drums are used in many dedicated powder handling applications.
Passive-SoliValves® can be accommedated to any type of drums.


SoliDrum® with adapter hopper for stainless steel pharmaceutical drum


SoliDrum® with adapter hopper for high density metal powder drums with PE-inliners


The same Passive-SoliValve® as for Rigid IBC can be use on any type of Drum with a minimum diameter of 300 mm and with the help of an intermediate hopper.

The customer can choose himself his drum supplier. Visval provides the interface necessary to mount the Passive-SoliValve® or can supply the instructions.

The Passive-SoliValve® for Intermediate Bulk Containers is available in an FDA, an anti-static and a conductive (SS316 or PE1000) versions to comply will all the hygiene and safety rules from the food, pharma and chemical industries.

Additional hygiene and safety covers are available for all applications where the Passive-SoliValve® needs protection from contamination or for external transportation of dangerous goods.

Please contact us for more information about the different versions available.

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