SoliValve® 100


The SoliValve®100 is the latest Cone Valve innovation from Visval.

Based on the same principle as its big brother, it allows for the first time fully automatic and contained (OEB5) handling of solids in Pouches, Charge bags, Charge bottles and small drums/container/hoppers thank to a universal passive valve of ø 100 mm. Such containers are used for active ingredients like HPAPIs, APIs, Food Additives, Enzymes, Pigments, Metal powders etc. within all major process industries.

The aperture of the SoliValve®100 is controlled by a highly accurate step motor and a play-free ball screw, allowing opening increments down to 0.1 mm.

This exceptional precision provides incredible dosing accuracy for a wide range of weights, starting at a few grams to hundreds of kilos. With adequate resolution of the scale, the SoliValve®100 can reach a dosing accuracy of +/- 1g.

The containment level of the SoliValve®100 system has been tested and validated for OEB5 (<1µg/m3) applications by an independent institute (SMEPAC test).

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