Solivalve®100 filling unit

Powder filling

With the SoliValve® System, powder can be filled into all commonly used containers in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries thanks to the accomodating universal passive valve fitted to these vessels.


A versatile system

Thanks to its clever principle, the Passive-SoliValve® is clamped at all time and does not need holding device.
The Active-SoliValve® for filling is a replica of the discharging unit, saving the need for having different spare parts and specific training.

Different executions of the Passive-SoliValve® allow fitting to any type of FIBCs (even standard Big Bags with spout), RIBC Drums, PE-inliners, pouches and bags.

Solivalve®250 filling installation for FIBC under a dryer or a tumbler for exemple.

SoliValve®250 filling units can be used under a mixer, a dryer or any other process. In this exemple, SoliBags® are filled, stored and then discharged onto a packaging line using a SoliValve®250 discharge units.