Passive-Solivalve®250 in stainless steel for IBC and drums


The Passive-SoliValve® is available in several executions and materials in order to cover all the needs from the market. The polymer injected cone is available in 3 executions, FDA, anti-static and conductive (with food certificate).


Crimped version

The crimped version is made out of 2 polymer injected rings and one cone. This cost effective version is especially made for FIBCs and can be crimped on almost any type of BigBag (with or without liner) for a capacity of up to 1'500kg.

The crimped Passive-SoliValve® is available in 3 different materials:

  • Polypropylene white (with FDA and EU1935/2004 certifications for food & pharma)
  • Polypropylene grey anti-static (with food certification)
  • Polypropylene black conductive (with food certification)

Reusable version

The reusable version consist of a reusable outer ring that can be connected to any standard DIN300 Tri Clamp interface. The same version is used on standard FIBC with spout together with an additional Stainless Steel ring and a clamp.

The outer Ring is available in Stainless Steel and in POM-C material, with FDA and EU1935/2004 certificates.

For ATEX applications, both the outer and inner Rings are machined in Stainless Steel or PE Black. This material also comes with a FDA and EU1935/2004 certification.


Examples of reusable Passive-Solivalves®

Passive-Solivalve®250 in stainless steel for IBC and drums

Reusable Passive-SoliValve® to connect on any Container and Drums with a Tri-Clamp or flange interface. Available in DN250 and DN300 sizes.


Retrofittable Passive-SoliValve®250R to connect within minutes onto any existing Container with a standard DN250 flange, Tri-Clamp or other flange interface.