Active-SoliValve® 250

Active-SoliValve 250 Dosing unit

Active-SoliValve®250 – Technical Specifications


Standard Components and Features

  • Cylindrical discharge housing DN250
  • Lower outlet flange type TriClamp DN250 (DIN32676)
  • Pneumatically driven locking mechanism with 12 bolts for docking to Passive-SoliValve®
  • Mechanically driven, expandable seal for safe cone valve clamping
  • Pneumatically actuated telescopic cylinder for cone probe lifting and closing
  • Passive-SoliValve® centering and protective ring
  • Multifunctional lip seal on lifting cone probe for station sealing, cone protection and pneumatic wash
  • Standard product contact scraper seals made of PUR
  • Standard product contact O-rings made of EPDM (FKM & FFKM available as option)
  • Standard non-contact O-rings made of EPDM

Standard materials of construction and surface finish

  • SS316L Stainless Steel electro-polished
  • Contact surfaces: Ra≤0.8μm
  • Non product contact surfaces: Ra≤1.6μm
  • Elastomer: Standard EPDM, FEP
  • Product contact: Food grade, FDA and EU 1935/2004 approved
  • Non product contact: Supplier standard

Please make contact with us for any other requirement



  • Product contact surfaces polished to Ra≤0.5μm, with surface measurement protocols
  • Fluidisation to the inside of the connected container/big bag
  • Pneumatic wash of Passive-SoliValve® cone edge and clipping seat
  • Automatic lift height adjustment with pneumatic drive motor and free-of-play ball screw => for accurate dosing and controlled cone probe movements
  • Pneumatic high frequency vibrator inside cone probe
  • ATEX execution/certification for hazardous areas zone 1, 2, 20 or 21 inside and zone 2, 21 or 22 outside. All internal parts grounded, external grounding via the support of the unit on grounded frame (no grounding monitoring equipment included).