SoliBag® and solution for standard Big Bags

The SoliBag® is a flat bottom Big Bag (FIBC) equipped with a crimped Passive-SoliValve®. It allows automatic docking and undocking for discharging, dosing and filling. Partial discharging and reclosing is possible at any time.

Not only manual operations are virtually eliminated, there is no more risk of creating dust clouds during the docking/undocking operations given the containment capabilities of the SoliValve® system. It not only protects your employees and the integrity of your product but also reduces the housekeeping in the production room.

SoliBags® can be crimped with one or two Passive-SoliValves® for either conventional filling and discharge via the SoliValve® or both filling and discharging via a SoliValve®.

Depending on your internal process, the SoliBag® can be used one way or multi-ways. The life expectancy of the Passive-SoliValve® by far exceeds the life of the Big Bag.

The Passive-SoliValve® can be crimped into almost any size and type of Big Bags, with or without inliner.

Customers can freely choose their FIBC supplier (usually their current one - to avoid requalification of the packaging) without higher prices for proprietary solutions like dedicated special FIBCs. Upon request, Visval can recommend Big Bags or source them from one of our international partners.

The crimping operation is performed either in our own workshop in Switzerland on the finished Big Bags or directly by the FIBC supplier during the assembly process of the bag. Quantities and specifications will influence where the soliBags® can be produced.Visval still remains, in 2022, the only company worldwide to provide such a simple, highly functional solution to allow automation, containment and direct dosing out of Big bags at an affordable price.

It is also possible to discharge & dose from a standard Big Bag with outlet spout thanks to a re-usable Passive-SoliValve®.

Contact us with your request and we will help you designing the most suitable SoliBag® for your application.

SoliBag®: a BigBag fitted with a Passive-SoliVale®250 crimped in the flat bottom of the Bag.

SoliBag® with a conventional inlet spout for filling and a Passive-SoliValve® for automatic docking & discharging/dosing.

SoliBag®250: This BigBag is fitted with a Passive-SoliVale®250 crimped in the flat bottom of the top and the bottom of the bag.

SoliBag® with 2 Passive-SoliValves®. In this configuration for for automatic docking, filling & discharging/dosing.