Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC)

FIBCs, Bulk Bags or Big Bags are the most used bulk powder transport mean in the world. There is a full range of Passive-SoliValves® to accomodate the various types of FIBCs. Single use, static dissipative, reusable Passive-SoliValve® will meet your defined approach to packaging.


Passive-SoliValve® on flat bottom FIBC

The Passive-SoliValve® can be crimped on any type of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) with or without inliner (PE, Composite, Alu, etc.). These bags are then called SoliBags®.

Customers can freely choose their FIBC supplier (usually their current one - to avoid requalification of the packaging) without higher prices for proprietary solutions like dedicated special FIBCs. Upon request, Visval can recommend Big Bags or source them from one of our international partners.

The crimping operation is performed either in our own workshop in Switzerland on the finished Big Bags or directly by the FIBC supplier during the assembly process of the bag. Quantities and specifications will influence where the soliBags® can be produced.

Visval still remains, in 2022, the only company worldwide to provide such a simple, highly functional solution to allow automation, containment and direct dosing out of Big bags at an affordable price.

The Passive-SoliValve® is available in several executions in order to comply with ATEX, FDA and EU regulations to cover all industries' requirements for the use of Big Bags.

Passive-SoliValve® for standard FIBC

Visval also offers a solution for standard FIBCs. For big bags with an outlet spout diameter of 400 to 500 mm and a minimum length of 400 mm, a reusable Passive-SoliValve® can be manually fitted in the outlet spout of an already filled Big Bags.

This requires an additional manual step for the mounting/dismounting of the Passive-SoliValve® in comparison with the SoliBags®, but offers then the same unique advantages as the SoliBag® such as partial discharge, direct dosing from the FIBC, high containment and discharge helps (vibrator, fluidisation & pulsing) without manual intervention. This is one way to transition from standard Big Bags to SoliBags® without disrupting the supply chain. Mounting the resuable Passive-SoliValve® on the Big Bag ahead of its use will save significant time for docking and undocking compared with traditional glove box or bag clamps systems.

FIBC discharge station with Solivalve®250

Discharging a standard Big Bag with SoliValve®