Why SoliValve?

Automatic and dust-tight filling, discharging and dosing of powder
directly from/into any type of big-bags, containers and small bags.

Unlike any other solution for powder handling on the market, the SoliValve® technology is versatile, reliable and guarantees outstanding results and performance in terms of containment (OEB5), dosing accuracy (+/-1g) and complete automation.

Only the SoliValve® technology allows to fill or discharge FIBCs, Rigid IBCs, drums and bags via the same docking unit, thanks to the universal Passive-SoliValve® design and execution.

Forget about expensive and complicated split butterfly valves or the old-fashioned Cone Valve technology with their expensive proprietary IBCs. SoliValve® is much more than another Cone Valve system. It is cone valve 2.0 technology!

100% Swiss Made, the SoliValve® system has been developed by a team working in the bulk powder industry for decades. It was designed and implemented based on their extensive knowledge of all the requirements in these industries and the difficulties related to the traditional powder transfer system available on the market.


If you are challenged by one of the following questions, SoliValve® might be the solution for you:

  • I need to transfer powder dust-free from an FIBC or a Rigid IBC
  • I need a fully automated system to reduce manual operations
  • I need a powder transfer system capable of partial discharging
  • I need a system that allows accurate and repeatable dosing
  • I want to replace my expensive Rigid IBCs with cheap FIBCs
  • I want to replace my glovebox with a user friendlier solution
  • I need an FDA, EU1935/2004, ATEX approved system
  • I need a system that can be cleaned in place (CIP) easily

Complete Active- & Passive-SoliValve®250 Animation