Powder transfer

SoliValve® is the answer to the limitations of all conventional
docking systems currently available on the market.


SoliValve versus other powder transfer systems

Powder handling industries usually rely on conventional docking technologies like split butterfly valves and old cone valve technologies, however these have many limitations in functionality and performance.

The SoliValve® systems are the latest solutions available for contained docking and accurate dosing and are the perfect answer to the limitations of conventional docking systems.

Standard Cone Valves and Split Butterfly Valves don't allow precision dosing. Dosing screws offers better results but the accuracy is limited by the size of the "chamber", defined by the pitch and the diameter of the screw.
The SoliValve® opening control has an accuracy of 1mm (0.1mm for the SoliValve® 100), allowing higher metering precision.

The SoliValve®250 system is designed to be used with IBCs, FIBCs and drums from 25 up to 1'500kg.

The SoliValve®100 is a system designed to be used for active ingredients, vitamins and highly potent API's. These types of powder are usually stored in smaller size recipients, from 1kg to 500kg.


Key Benefits of the SoliValve® Cone Valve technology:

  • Controlled discharge and filling of poor and free flowing powder
  • Accurate / repeatable dosing directly from any FIBC or IBC with passive valve
  • Fluidisation function to prevent bridging and segregation of powder
  • Partial discharging/filling and undocking of IBCs, FIBCs and drums
  • Removal of partially emptied/filled BigBag and IBC without residual powder or dust
  • Fail-safe shut off of material
  • Available in a filling version as well, allowing customers to operate all their powder handling processes using one standardized docking system for all their mobile powder recipients
  • The same Passive-SoliValve® can be used for discharging and filling
  • The same FIBCs and IBCs can be used for discharging and filling
  • We provide FIBCs with one Passive-SoliValve® on each sides, one for filling and one for discharging. With these types of SoliBags, there is no more need for a BigBag tilting machine.
  • 2 sizes: 250mm for IBCs and FIBCs and 100mm for pouches and small process bottles